Friday, 28 December 2012

Red Giants tie Kubala for AFC Cup

Red Giants ikat Kubala untuk AFC

Former Perak imports, Michal Kubala be sheathed Selangor jersey for the AFC Cup next year.
After Ramez Dayoub and Forkey Doe strengthen Selangor for the Malaysian Laegue, Selangor has met the quota for import players with the AFC Cup, there are two players from Europe.
"We have to get Michal Kubala and another defender from the Czech Republic for the AFC Cup later.
"They are already in Kuala Lumpur and will be with the team after we returned from Orissa." said Selangor coach, Irfan Bakti.
Selangor is now in Kedah to action today friendship with Perlis and Kedah will meet on Dec. 30.
Kubala, who scored 14 goals last season for Perak today has undergone medical tests and will contract for six months training with The Red Giants next week.

Selangor will play in the first match AFC Cup on March 6, 2013 to meet the team from India, Kingfisher East Bengal.

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