Tuesday, 11 December 2012

PAS: Fines for KB quartet not related to Islamic law

PAS secretary-general Mustafa Ali has said that the fines imposed on four non-Muslim by the Kota Bharu Municipal Council (MPKB) last October were not related to Syariah law.

Mustafa said that ever since PAS took control of Kelantan in 1990, no non-Muslims have been subjected to such laws. He accused MCA of trying to create an impression that the opposite was true.

"This issue is being sensationalised by MCA. We know MCA owns The Star . This is MCA's agenda to garner support from the Chinese community," he told a press conference at the PAS headquarters.

"They (the four individuals) when fined for indecent behaviour in public places, not khalwat."

Khalwat is an offence under Islamic law for close proximity between an unmarried male and female.

The Star had carried a front-page report with the headline 'Khalwat issue heats up' yesterday, claiming that MPKB enforcement officers had used religious reasons to issue summonses to four individuals for "indecent behaviour".
According to the report, MPKB had issued a fine on two males, who were in a car, and a teenage couple engaging in a piggy-back ride at a park.
On whether PAS will take legal action against The Star, Mustafa said that the newspaper was playing up a small issue and it did not warrant legal action.
"It doesn't warrant a suit... It would be a waste of time," he said.

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