Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Resign for the sake of EC's credibility, Umno man told

PAS Youth is calling for the Kinabatangan Umno Youth information chief Aksyah Nasrah to resign as Sabah Election Commision (EC) deputy director of operations if the latter intends to be active in politics.
Sabah PAS Youth chief Lahirul Latigu today gave Aksyah ( left ) the ultimatum to either resign from his position in Umno or in the EC so that the public's trust in the institution would not be lost.
"He (Aksyah) should resign. We are concerned that when there are people contesting in the general election, we can't trust the EC.
"All elements of biasness should be removed. As long as there are people like this, that is Umno members in the EC, trust in the EC will decrease," he said in a press conference at PAS headquarters today.
Last Saturday, Lahirul had alleged that there are Umno members in Sabah's EC and asked the commission to explain how it is possible for its officers to hold positions in political parties.
Lahirul claimed that such a thing cannot happen as it will affect the EC's credibility as an organisation that is responsible for ensuring the implementation of democracy in this country.
'Should not happen as GE is approaching'
However, in a report by The Malaysian Insider yesterday, EC chairperson Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof ( left ) stressed that EC officers have a democratic right to participate in politics but must be impartial in their duties.
"There is nothing wrong for any EC officer to join political parties. It doesn't matter if they are in PAS, PKR or Umno.
"It is their democratic right," Abdul Aziz was quoted as saying by the news portal.
Thus, Lahirul urged the EC to be more strict in ensuring that there are no politicians in the commission.
"He ( Abdul Aziz) said it is no problem. When the ball, the team and the referee are the same, how do we know that it is fair? This individual is an important person in Umno. In my opinion, this should not happen when we are about to face the general election.
"The EC should be decisive. There should not and must not be any political party in a free election commission," Lahirul reiterated.

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