Monday, 17 December 2012

Aceh Governor Cup 2012: Atjeh Win against Selangor 1-0

BANDA ACEH - Atjeh FC managed to win the match against Selangor FA single goal by Muhammad Shakir, at the penalty spot. Score 1-0 to the referee blew the long whistle has not changed, despite the Selangor FA began to dominate the game in the second round.

Selangor FA continued to press the Atjeh FC defense did not managed to score fronted Zulbahra. 2x45 minutes of the game, at least two yellow cards the referee to camp dihadiakan Selangor FA.

Despite Selangor FA losing to Atjeh FC on this group action, they also qualified for the semi-finals as Group A runners-up to accompany the host. In the semi-final match, Atjeh will entertain DPMM FC as the runner-up of Group B. While Selangor FA will face Group B winners, Semen Padang FC

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