Tuesday, 11 December 2012

AFC, UEFA sign historic MoU

Kuala Lumpur: AFC Acting President Zhang Jilong and UEFA President Michel Platini on Tuesday put pen to paper on a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) which will promote cooperation and friendly relations between the two confederations.
The MoU will pave the way to exchange information, knowledge and good practices on matters of common interest.
"We have a goal to be one of the best confederations of the world and at the moment Asian football is on the rise but there is a long way to go," Jilong said during the signing ceremony organized at the AFC House.
"Because of their top qualities in football, UEFA are the benchmark. They can help us raise our standard and I hope this (signing of the MoU) is the beginning.
"At the moment we are working on identifying areas where this partnership agreement can be worked upon," he added.
UEFA will provide assistance to AFC and its Member Associations in establishing and implementing projects and activities relating to education, training, technical development, refereeing, promotion of grassroots and youth football.

It also covers the organisation of competitions, marketing, legal and social responsibility matters apart from promotion of good governance principles in the game.
UEFA President Platini was delighted to sign the new partnership with another confederation.
"UEFA is delighted to be building stronger relationships with other continental confederations, in this case the AFC, as it allows all of us to share know-how and experience with regard to matters such as coaches' education and grassroots football.
"Solidarity is a key value in football and it is therefore important that it is also shown between confederations."

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