Thursday, 13 December 2012

Pre-Season Friendly Match: Kelantan 4-1 Kedah

Norfarhan Muhammad celebrating his network along Dimitri Petratos

December 12, 2012 - Kelantan continue in action winning a pre-season friendly match when the team bowed out of the north, Kedah by scoring 4-1 in the Sultan Muhammad IV Stadium last night. Drops as the host nation, which was attended tens of thousands of loyal supporters, Kelantan quick cram visitors through a network of fortifications striker Dimitri Petratos, Keita Mandjou and also Norfarhan Muhammad. Stringed flak current depressed Bihar, Kedah skipper, Mat Sabri Abu make mistakes when it rejected the ball into his own net to give Kelantan goal advances in the 7th minute. Leading 1-0, Kelantan continue to double team fortress crammed into Kedah and the next trial to fruition shot through the left leg lencang Norfarhan Muhammad puts Kelantan comfortable 2-0 lead in the future. Dissatisfied 2-0 lead, Kelantan continues to ardently pursue network. Now it was the turn of import players from Australia, Dimitri Petratos rip Kedah wicket. Network due to a failed free kick caught Piya neat Kedah goalkeeper, and Dimitri Petratos who are not controlled easily slotted in Kelantan third goal in minute 21. Three minutes ago, turn Mandjou Keita was exploded by a fierce shot from outside the penalty box, put Kelantan led 4-0. Comfortably ahead of your opponent, Bojan Hodak do a massive change for the second half. Eight players simultaneously converted to provide opportunities for new players to show the ability. Zairo Anuar Zalani, Faiz Subri, Haris Safwan Kamal and Izuan Salahudin is one of the new players are given the opportunity to play in the second half. exchange real massive impact on Kelantan failed to dominate the match at half-time. Rocking a rare attack in the first half finally debut also scored the only goal of the match with goals from striker Faizal Abu Bakr in the 81st minute. The match, Kelantan beat Kedah 4-1 network.

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